Your role: Internal Auditor

Internal Auditors

Nothing gets by you. You are an internal auditor protecting your organization by keeping a sharp eye on controls and finding ways to mitigate risk. You highly value accurate insights from your data, but lack the time, budget and training to get the most of your data for your auditing cycles.

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How ThirdLine solves problems we hear from people like you


Lack of access

I’m unable to get my hands on the right information.


We get read-only access

Easy access to advanced analytics that illuminate new anomalies, risk patterns, and opportunities.


Complicated data

I don’t know which of the thousands of data tables I need.


We know the data tables

You don’t have to know which data tables to search, because Thirdline searches them all. ThirdLine flags fraud, waste, and abuse across all user data.  


Lack of resources

My budget is tight, and data analysts are hard to find.


We give you analytic super powers

No need to hire a data analyst; ThirdLine tests internal controls and shows inefficient processes in record time, because it is designed by highly skilled, experienced internal auditors and data analysts who know what to look for.  


Manual analysis

My team is having to perform manual spot-checks. Many internal auditing departments can complete 1-2 thorough audit reports per year.


Supercharge your team

ThirdLine is user friendly, automatic, and could be implemented at any municipality regardless of staff.

“I've learned a way to continuously monitor the accounts, records, and inventory by using the data analytics that will put on a dashboard the things that I need to be concerned about. What we're doing here is revolutionary, we haven't ever done this before.” - Cathy Carter, Tulsa City Auditor

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