Travel & Entertainment Analytics

Be transparent and ready to demonstrate you have analyzed and flagged all estimates and claims that do not comply with organization travel and expense policy.

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Flag estimates and claims that do not comply with your organization’s travel and expense policy or otherwise present a risk of fraud. Analyze spending trends across your organization and respond with a targeted audit or training. Investigate sensitive transactions, operate with transparency, and maintain public trust. Identify high-risk transactions, employees, approvers, and departments. ThirdLine features 50+ built-in audit analytics + interactive dashboards for continuous monitoring and analysis.

T&E Risk & Internal Controls

Employees attend meetings, conferences, and other functions for business purposes and professional development. An organization will often cover an employee’s travel and expenses to some extent according to its written policy. Travel and expense-related risk can take many forms and if undetected, break the public’s trust. Leveraging data analytics in the audit process can surface high-risk travel and entertainment transactions and inform new and effective mitigation efforts.

Understand Risks with Audit Analytics

Enterprise Resource Planning systems capture massive amounts of data within your municipality in real time. Automating your ERP data (e.g. data analytics) will allow you to quickly identify and understand risks occurring in your organization and use it to make changes and adjustments for an optimized process and improved performance.

Data analytics are written to track transactions as they move through the ERP workflow. Each analytic is asking a question of transaction. If the transaction meets the criteria, the analytic will flag the transaction. A single transaction could be flagged by multiple analytics.

Examples of T&E Analytics

1. P-Card Usage by Employee with Per Diem

  • Step: Estimate Request
  • Description: Flags if an employee claims per diem and uses a purchasing card for an expense during the same time period.
  • Use Case: Recover costs; strengthen controls; update policy.

2. Approver Never Rejects

  • Step: Expense Approval
  • Description: Flags if an expense claim is approved by a user who has no history of rejecting an expense claim.
  • Use Case: Validate claim; target training by approver.

3. Total Trip Amount Outliers

  • Step: Claim Processing
  • Description: Flags if the total amount of a trip is greater than two times the standard deviation above the average.
  • Use Case: Identify spending trends; reduce waste.

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