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You are a leader with an impeccable reputation for managing talent, and making sure every dollar gets into the right hands. You vigilantly watch for fraud and financial waste.

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How ThirdLine solves problems we hear from people like you


Uncertain where Risk resides

I don’t know my riskiest departments and funds


Risk by Financial Statement line

Summarized view of risk at the financial statement line level across all departments and funds.


Finding and retaining talent

My budget is tight, and accountants who are also data analysts are hard to find.


By accountants for accountants

Customer support from accountants and internal auditors who designed the platform that would take an analyst years to build.


Lack of resources

High cost and time-consuming nature of implementing and deploying analytics


Deployable analytics in one week

Low cost, lightning-fast, deployable analytics that provide the right information for data guided cost-control planning. 


Pandemic related disruption/risk

How do I balance dispersing money and mitigating risk?


Monitoring ARPA/SLFRF funds

Analytics that anticipate and pinpoint the exact information pertaining to COVID-19 disruption, ARPA/SLFRF funding allocation and new, related risk areas.

“I've learned a way to continuously monitor the accounts, records, and inventory by using the data analytics that will put on a dashboard the things that I need to be concerned about. What we're doing here is revolutionary, we haven't ever done this before.” - Cathy Carter, Tulsa City Auditor

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