Human Resource Analytics

Learn what you need to know to hire top-notch candidates in weeks instead of months, as well as to find risks and bottlenecks in your processes, and establish performance standards.

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Hire the best candidate in weeks, not months. Address improper hiring practices with targeted internal audits and/or employee training. Eliminate bottlenecks in your hiring process and establish a standard of performance. Identify high-risk requisitions, employees, approvers, and admins in HR and across your organization. ThirdLine features 25+ built-in audit analytics + interactive dashboards for continuous monitoring and analysis.

HR Risk & Internal Controls

All Human Resources (HR) departments aim to hire the best candidate for an open position in a timely manner. When your hiring process takes too long, your organization may be losing out candidates who found opportunities with faster turnaround times. Running analytics on your HR data will identify inefficiencies and establish a standard of performance. This intelligence will help you recommend process improvements in your next audit and in turn help your organization hire exceptional employees.

Understand Risks with Audit Analytics

Enterprise Resource Planning systems capture massive amounts of data within your municipality in real time. Automating your ERP data (e.g. data analytics) will allow you to quickly identify and understand risks occurring in your organization and use it to make changes and adjustments for an optimized process and improved performance.

Data analytics are written to track transactions as they move through the ERP workflow. Each analytic is asking a question of transaction. If the transaction meets the criteria, the analytic will flag the transaction. A single transaction could be flagged by multiple analytics.

Examples of HR Analytics

1. Duplicate Requisitions

  • Step: Requisition Created
  • Description: Flags if two or more requisitions have the same job and job location and were entered within 10 days of each other.
  • Use Case: Investigate, resolve, and recommend control / training.

2. Applicant Withdrawal

  • Step: Department Interviews
  • Description: Flags if an applicant withdraws an application.
  • Use Case: Monitor frequency and posit retention strategy.

3. Application Date to Hire Date

  • Step: Candidate Hired
  • Description: Calculates the median number of days of the overall process from application to hire.
  • Use Case: Establish a bar of process performance; test changes.

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