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As the chief administrator of the organization, you want to know that the real risk of fraud and embezzlement is proactively managed within your organization. An annual audit does not accomplish this risk reduction. ThirdLine’s data analytics can easily cut through the clutter and provide you with easy to read solutions that make a difference.

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Employees making personal purchases

There is significant risk that employees could be making personal purchases with government money.


Fraud Risk Score by Employee & Vendor

Hundreds of disaggregated analytics search for risky vendors and risky employee transactions. The results are easy to read and understand, providing you with knowledge so you can determine how best to manage those risks.


Annual Audit doesn't look for Fraud

External Auditors look for Materiality - roughly 5% of your budget. Coincidentally, the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners estimates that 5% of Revenue is lost to fraud. External Auditors almost never find fraud.


Daily Monitoring Alerts

Annual audits serve an important purpose; however, they are not designed to identify an organization's vulnerabilities to fraud or embezzlement. Turn on monitoring alerts for so you can watch.


Where is the Risk?

We have a lot of data, but I’m not positive how to use that information to identify risks.


We look at the deepest depths of your ERP

ThirdLine mines government ERP system audit logs, workflows, transactions, and permissions settings. We partner with government internal control experts and certified fraud examiners (CFEs) to take it a step further.


We don't have internal auditors, investigators, or analysts

We don’t have an internal audit team or budget for analysts, so I am not sure who will use this information. 


ThirdLine partners with Consulting Firms

We partner with government consulting groups and top accounting firms that can easily handle this function on your behalf. Our software is no-code, which means No Analyst Required.

“I've learned a way to continuously monitor the accounts, records, and inventory by using the data analytics that will put on a dashboard the things that I need to be concerned about. What we're doing here is revolutionary, we haven't ever done this before.” - Cathy Carter, Tulsa City Auditor

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