Spend more time governing and less time wrangling risk, fraud, mistakes, and data.

Don’t let resignation & recruitment phase you, ThirdLine is like 30 analysts working for you, making you look like a data wizard (with a secret no-code analytic solution).

ThirdLine's origin began by helping cities and counties audit and monitor Tyler Munis and Workday ERP systems. ThirdLine’s leadership has decades of experience as “the data person” in cities, counties, and school districts. We know the pain of pulling and analyzing data while being short-staffed.

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The Problem

The risk of fraud or a bad audit comes down to a rushed fat finger in Excel.

Time & Error are always a risk when you only have one data person. As a team created by data people, ThirdLine understands this risk and validate obsessively.

Excel, ACL, Python, Power BI, Tableau: amazing tools that come with a cost - the risk of 1 small coding error creating a large margin of error. Research shows 88% of excel sheets have errors.

Audit Analytics are time-consuming and tedious. It takes a person that can code and understand auditing. A technology-advanced municipality with a 5-person analytics team may create 10 continuous audit analytics in a year. Is it worth the cost?

Typical data workflow:

Audit Reports

Audits are halfway done before day 1 because the population or sample is ready to go. We cull the haystack free of false-positives so what’s left is real control and fraud risk. Now, the needle can be found.

Monitoring for Finance, Accounting, and IT

Management can Monitor, which also acts as a Control for risk. Roles & Permissions are made easy with 57 analytics based on ISACA standards.

Continuous Risk Assessment

Always know where the risk is and where to look next.

Secure the ERP

With the ThirdLine products, rest assured that risk in the ERP is mitigated as much as possible.

ThirdLine workflow:

How this impacts governments


Average fraud loss


of fraud schemes are due to corruption

19 Months

Median duration of fraud


Median loss in governments with 100+ employees

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“I'm supposed to periodically examine the records, accounts, and inventories of the City of Tulsa, but I've gone beyond that in that I've learned a way to continuously monitor the accounts, records, and inventory by using the data analytics that will put on a dashboard the things that I need to be concerned about.”

Cathy Carter
Elected City Auditor, City of Tulsa

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