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Analytics Software for Finance, Audit, Admin, & IT deeply integrated with your ERP and accounting system.

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the thirdline difference

Why is ThirdLine different?

Most software is investor-backed and does not come with former government subject matter experts. When you buy ThirdLine software, you also get our team who owns 100% of the company.

White Glove Approach

When you buy our software, you also get our team of CPA's, CIA's, PhD's, and Scrum Master's that have led government analytics teams. We meet with all our customers at least bi-weekly.

Access to a growing analytics library

We have a library of over 300 analytics. It grows every week, and you get the new ones.

Software built by Gov Analysts

We were the Tableau, Power BI, Python, ACL, and Arbutus experts at our organizations. But, it wasn't built the way we liked, so we built a new software.

Heart for Public Sector

Most of our team has worked in the Public Sector. It's just part of our DNA. We want to see your city, county, state, school district, First Nation, University, and special district thrive.


How does it work?

We studied numerous ERP systems closely for years and have a deep understanding of how municipalities operate. The ThirdLine platform is powered by 300+ analytics that monitor enterprise resource planning (ERP) system data and flag high-risk transactions across an organization. Analytics work together and run continuously to review all transactions and highlight the riskiest for further review. With each refresh of ERP data, analytic results update across our interactive platform, showing:

Where the transaction was flagged (e.g., Payroll, Purchasing, Accounts Payable, etc.)

Who was involved in the transaction (employees, approvers, vendors, etc.)

When the transaction was created, modified, and approved.

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thirdline Mission

Our Mission

ThirdLine helps governments use their data to make more informed decisions - better serving their stakeholders.

Simplify Roles & Permissions in Tyler ERP

Roles, Permissions, & Segregaton of duties software to simplify administration.

Knowledge for Finance Department

Quickly find risk from a financial statement perspective and export to excel.

Alerts for Leaders

Catch worrisome spending before it impacts your City, County, School, or Enterprise.

Intelligence for Internal Audit

Know exactly where to focus your next audit, and see how your internal controls are mitigating risk.

Used by cities and counties across the U.S.A.

Hundreds of Analytics helping auditors, finance, and I.T.

4.7 out of 5 on Capterra
Award Winning Software!

I'm supposed to periodically examine the records, accounts, and inventories of the City of Tulsa, but I've gone beyond that in that I've learned a way to continuously monitor the accounts, records, and inventory by using the data analytics that will put on a dashboard the things that I need to be concerned about.

Cathy Carther
Elected City Auditor
City of Tulsa OK

ThirdLine is a really good product and has provided visibility to transactions that we didn't have our eyes on because they were not apart of a sample size.

Terence Williams
City Auditor
City of Wilmington, DE

ThirdLine met all of the needs including integration with our Tyler Munis ERP system. ThirdLine is specialized in providing analytics on the Munis system. It's the perfect solution

Jeh Mohr
City Auditor
City of Clearwater, FL

we're all in this together

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