The ThirdLine Audit & Monitoring Platform

We apply our analytics to your data so you can be the Auditor who provides effective audit reports, be the CFO who prevented a fraudulent payment, and spend more time using insights to recommend action and create impact in your organization, all in a single tool.

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How it works

The Secret Algorithm

Are we supposed to give this away? It's pretty simple: Humans + Machines.


400+ analytics working together continuously using transactional, audit, and workflow data across 10 modules of your ERP system.

ThirdLine Users

ThirdLine users can investigate the riskiest transactions highlighted by our analytics without exporting to a excel file or using a visualization dashboard.

Data Science

Feedback from our community of users trains our algorithms to help identify when transactions are fraudulent and allows you to find them before money leaves the door of your organization.

thirdline solutions

Problems we solve

You’re up against all kinds of roadblocks-complicated data, tight budget, a small team with little-to-no analytics experience to name a few. ThirdLine clears the path so you can focus on protecting your organization and optimizing the resources you have.


Monitor Operations

Stop Fraud

Investigate potential fraud schemes early to expedite cost recovery and avoid litigation.

Train Employees

Specific targeted training recommendations for the exact employees causing the most issues.

Spot Anomalies

Reduce the number of false positives and examine real problems so you can apply the correct solution.


Jet Fuel Your Audit Process

Test Internal Controls

Learn where your existing internal controls are failing to mitigate risk.

Identify Risk, year-round

Drill down into the details of high-risk processes and transactions.

Expedite Internal Audits

Pinpoint the exact information you’re looking for to conduct an effective audit at lightning speed.

ThirdLine Speed & Access

Accomplish in one day what would take you 5 years with your current process.

Ask about our constantly refreshed package that includes all 10 Modules.

We did a deep dive into 10 key risk areas.

With read-only access to your data, we can help you answer important questions about your organization. Each Module below can be purchased individually or altogether in our daily-refreshed package.

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thirdline Analytics

ThirdLine Modules

Monitor fraud, waste, and abuse in your municipality & enterprise across 10 key risk areas using 400+ data analytics

Accounts Payable

Stop errors and fraud before they are processed, find risk quickly, pay the bills faster, and maintain positive vendor relationships.

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Accounts Receivable

Collect from customers faster, maintain balanced accounts, and create invoices the right way the first time.

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General Ledger

Validate journal entry accuracy, automate manual reconciliation steps, and identify high-risk, organization-wide.

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Human Resource

Learn what you need to know to hire top-notch candidates in weeks instead of months, as well as to find risks and bottlenecks in your processes, and establish performance standards.

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See all payroll risks in an instant, set up employees right, and pay them on time, using our spot-on accurate audit analytics uniquely written for the personnel/financial processes.

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Procure essentials in a timely manner at the lowest possible cost, and improve purchasing processes organization-wide, using data analytics precisely designed for the purchasing processes.

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Purchasing Card

Ensure all credit cards are in the right hands, identify risk, and set appropriate limits based on spending trends with our purchasing card analytics.

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Segregation of Duties

Limit exposure to fraud by managing all user roles, identify high-risk permissions, and resolve active permission conflicts.

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State & Local Fiscal Recovery Funds (SLFRF)

Monitor compliance of eligible uses and ensure no fraud, waste, or abuse is associated with your award funds.

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Travel & Entertainment

Be transparent and ready to demonstrate you have analyzed and flagged all estimates and claims that do not comply with organization travel and expense policy.

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Limit high-risk external vendor threats with an improved vendor master file, and optimize process performance by eliminating errors and closing information gaps.

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