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ThirdLine analytics are the 1 source of truth and analytics system of record. As your user's utlize the ThirdLine workflow, the ML gets smarter preparing your government for A.I.

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How ThirdLine solves problems we hear from people like you


Organization buy-in

Potential uplift heft related to new technology adoptions organization wide


Easy implementation & intuitive design

With ThirdLine there is no technology adoption uplift. You provide read-only access to your ERP system and you get our intuitive tool.


Never-ending reporting

Responsible for what seems like an endless amount of reporting


Automatic Reports

Let ThirdLine do the operational reporting. ThirdLine generates reports automatically, so you can spend more of your time doing the things you wish you could be doing.


Lack of talent

Hard to find, afford, support and keep the right talent at your municipality


Keep your talent happy & improve hiring practices

A vast number of talent analytics are capable of revealing, on a continuous basis, what is going well and not so well, down to the employee and department, so you can know precisely how to direct support, as well as much needed encouragement and incentives.


Lack of access

I’m unable to get my hands on the right information.


Supercharge your team

Easy access to advanced analytics that illuminate operational data from your ERP system, like Tyler Munis. You don’t have to know which data tables to search, because ThirdLine searches them all.

“I've learned a way to continuously monitor the accounts, records, and inventory by using the data analytics that will put on a dashboard the things that I need to be concerned about. What we're doing here is revolutionary, we haven't ever done this before.” - Cathy Carter, Tulsa City Auditor

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