Payroll Analytics

See all payroll risks in an instant, set up employees right, and pay them on time, using our spot-on accurate audit analytics uniquely written for the personnel/financial processes.

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Automatically detect risks throughout the entire payroll process, from the initial personnel action to the post to the general ledger. Set up employees accurately and pay them in a timely manner. Identify high-risk transactions, employees, approvers, departments, and vendors. ThirdLine features 50 built-in audit analytics + interactive dashboards for continuous monitoring and analysis. Modules available for purchase separately or combined.

Payroll Risk & Internal Controls

Payroll is simple: pay the right person the right amount at the right time. Achieving this goal every pay period without a hitch is not as simple. That’s why it is crucial to audit your organization’s payroll processes. What are the risks? Are they happening currently/frequently? Are the controls in place sufficient? What process changes would effectively lower risks? These questions can be answered objectively with data you already have.

Understand Risks with Audit Analytics

Enterprise Resource Planning systems capture massive amounts of data within your municipality in real time. Automating your ERP data (e.g. data analytics) will allow you to quickly identify and understand risks occurring in your organization and use it to make changes and adjustments for an optimized process and improved performance.

Data analytics are written to track transactions as they move through the ERP workflow. Each analytic is asking a question of transaction. If the transaction meets the criteria, the analytic will flag the transaction. A single transaction could be flagged by multiple analytics.

Examples of Payroll Analytics

1. Designated Employee Approvals

  • Step: Department Director Approval
  • Description: Flags if a designated employee of a Department Director approves a personnel action.
  • Use Case: Validate designee approval(s); recommend training.

2. PA Changes After Output Post

  • Step: HR Output Post
  • Description: Flags if a personnel action is updated after the date of final approval.
  • Use Case: Investigate update; build control in process.

3. Multiple Employees, Same Bank Account

  • Step: Run ACH Bank Registers
  • Description: Flags if multiple employees share the same bank account.
  • Use Case: Investigate; escalate potential fraud.

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