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Amplify your analytic powers before ever opening Excel, Power BI, or Python

Shield is your new step one. Simply upload your transactions file and let us spot the fraud, anomalies, control failures, risk, and errors. From cleaning data to analysis, ThirdLine Shield makes you quicker and more efficient than ever.

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Speed up your audit process – from spreadsheet import to audit results in record time.

Consider fraud with ease

ThirdLine analytics map back to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiner guidelines to make your job easy.

Stop chasing false positives

Shield’s library of hundreds of analytics works to identify the transaction you need to look at. Use our risk model or judgmentally weight the analytics yourself.

Explore multiple modules

With 6+ subledgers or modules, the risky transactions, vendors, employees, and customers are more obvious than ever.

You  +  Shield   >   A.I.

If you have been underwhelmed by A.I., your judgment and our stacking analytics make a great team that won’t break your budget.

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Purchasing Card Analytic Examples

See how our analytics flag 100% of your transactions:

Audit Fraud

Benford’s Analysis

Flags if the leading digits in the amount field of an expense claim satisfy Benford’s Law which is a standard test for anomalous numbers.

Audit Fraud Risk

Duplicate Transactions

Flags if multiple transactions within 30 days have the same charge amount, vendor, and date.

audit fraud

Employee Vendor Same Name

Flags if an employee and vendor have similar names.

Audit Risk

Flag Food Purchases

Flags food-related transactions.


IT Purchases Keywords

Flags if an employee and vendor have similar names.

Audit Fraud Risk

Restricted MCC Codes

Flags if a vendor is related to a restricted MCC.

Audit Fraud Risk

Third Party Processors

Flags when a Cardholder has a transaction with a third party processor.

Audit Risk

Weekend Transactions

Flags if a transaction was charged on a Saturday or Sunday.

Summarize risk & spend at the Vendor, Employee, & Department level

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