Introducing Cohorts, Agile Analytics with your Colleagues

Audit Cohorts Unite 6 Governments over 6 weeks Who use the Same ERP and Focus on 1 Process Area

With 1 hour per week, walk away with friends, analytics, and skills in Agile Audit

Be part of the next Tyler Munis AP Cohort starting January 9th!

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We extract and run 25 or more analytics on your ERP data.

Jump start an Audit or Risk Assessment

A first of its kind Cohort that unites Government Auditors and their ERP data for extraordinary analytic results and benchmarking comparison.

Collaborate with Other Internal Auditors

Meet friends that will become a resource long after the Cohort ends.

Cohorts are ERP and Module Specific

Each Cohort member uses the same Enterprise Resource Planning System as you and we focus on one module, like Accounts Payable.

25+ Analytic Results for You

ThirdLine provides 15-20 analytics at the beginning, we use an Agile Audit Approach with you to build 10-15 more.

Learn Agile Auditing

We use an Agile Audit Methodology to brainstorm and prioritize what analytics to build next.

Enjoy 12 months of access to ThirdLine software

You can download results, or use ThirdLine cloud software to access and review your results.

1 hour / week for 6 weeks

A little bit of time for a jumpstart to your next risk assessment or population test

Benchmark with other Governments

Benchmark every analytic across Governments similar in size. As an example, what percent of your invoices are duplicate invoices compared to another city.

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6 Weeks Brainstorming and Building Analytics

In one hour a week we work as a group to learn about key concepts, then build important analytics

Week 1: Analytics and Agile Auditing

Kick off the Cohort program with introductions to fellow auditors while covering the foundational elements of analytics for risk assessment, risk-based auditing, and monitoring. Delve into Agile methodology, understanding its impact on the auditing process and how it can streamline audit operations.

Week 2: Business Process Improvement

Focus on enhancing the business process within the process area, identifying areas for improvement and efficiency gains. Use Agile methodology to come up with new analytics.

Week 3: Accounting Basics and External Audit

Explore the core principles of accounting with a particular emphasis on the external audit process for the process area. Use Agile Auditing to come up with new Analytics!

Week 4: Fraud in the Process Area

Investigate common types of fraud in the process area, learning to detect and prevent fraudulent activities. Use Agile Auditing to make new Fraud Analytics.

Week 5: Creating a Risk-based Sample and Attribute Testing

Utilizing the Analytics we created for external audit, business process improvement, and fraud, we will create a risk based sample and create attribute tests to do some homework before week 6.

Week 6: Benchmarking and Sampling Results

Conclude with benchmarking analytics, comparing and contrasting processes across different government entities using your 30+ analytics compared to others. We will review the results of our Sampling and compare testing across organizations.

Summarize risk & spend at the Vendor, Employee, & Department level

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